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XFS FIRE March 22, 2014

Merwyn Rivera vs Chad Meekins

Rd 1: Rivera lands a hard overhand right behind the ear and drops Meekins. Rivera jumps all over him with ground and pound. It's pretty overwhelming for Meekins. Cecil Peoples warns Meekins to fight back. 1 more hard right and Cecil stops the fight at :46 seconds.

Anthony Paredes vs Chris Sandt

Rd 1: Chris Sandt sprints out and lands a monster overhand right. As it lands Sandt goes for the takedown, yet somehow winds up in a rnc  before they hit the mat. He taps out and it's over in :12seconds. Wow, a lot happened in a short period of time.

Arian Sharifi vs  Shawn Stevens

Rd 1: They come out exchanging jabs. Arian leg kicks, then goes high. He slips to the mat on the head kick and Stevens shoots in, but winds up on his back. He works for a guillotine on Sharifi, yet can't get it. They stand up with Stevens in a body lock and Arian slams him hard. He works for the kimura but can't hit it. Stevens is close to tapping, but doesn't. Arian works his way to full mount while attempting the kimura. He lets go and drops elbows instead. Hard HARD elbows. The fight ends via tko in the middle of Rd 1.

Brandon Michels vs James Cannon

Rd 1: The big boys come out throwing big punches. Cannon gets a takedown and Michels holds Cannon close and body locks him and they are in close quarters where Cannon drops down short punches. Michels does a good job of thwarting the ground attack. Cecil stands them up and Michels lands a solid uppercut. Cannon grabs Michels and hip tosses him, winding up in side control. He tries to pass, but once in 1/2 guard Michels locks him up again. Cannon then goes for the Americana and Michels winds up tapping at 2:36 in rd 1.

Matt Sayles vs Dylan Stanfield

Rd 1: Stanfield starts off trying to get loose on his feet. Sayles gets a body lock slam takedown and smashes away with strikes. Sayles is a bonafide stud. Remember the name at 145.

Keanu Fleming vs Luis Morales

Rd 1: Back and forth they go. Haymakers! Knees in the clinch. Back and forth the entire round. The round would go to Morales, as he had control for longer and landed the cleaner shots.

Rd 2: They trade shots again, but Morales grabs Fleming and takes him down. He pounds away from the back and goes for the rnc and gets the tap. Fleming, although the loser has been training with Fight Ugly for 31 days and looks like a completely different fighter.

Richie Martinez vs Ed Darby

Rd 1: The Boogeyman gets an immediate takedown but reversed by Darby. Boogie is scary good off his back and gets right to his feet and lifts Darby over his head, then slams him. He gets the sub via Japanese Necktie. The Eddie Bravo 10th Planet protégée is another fighter to watch out for in the future.

Steve Orosco vs Damarius McDaniels

Rd 1: Damarius McDaniels stepped up last minute, immediately making him my hero. Orosco, not knowing anything about his opponent came right out and took the fight to the canvas, where after dropping punches, he got the rnc .

Saul Galindo vs Chuck Seang

Rd 1: Both guys have a bunch of fans and all are going nuts! The guys go blow for blow standing. There is a lot of clinch work and Saul seems to be getting the better of that. Saul works from behind Seang on the mat. The round ends with a suplex slam by Seang. 10-9 Galindo.

Rd 2: Seang works on Galindo's back and threatens with a rnc. Galindo does a good job defending. Takedown by Seang is reversed by Galindo, who then gets reversed by Seang. This fight is nuts. Seang works a heel hook and Galindo is in pain, but gets out. They stand up and Saul lands a bomb of a right hand. 10-9 Seang

Rd 3: Saul gets the takedown and works GNP from the back. Seang keeps rolling and attacking Saul's leg. He's not close and Galindo keeps throwing punches against the cage. Cecil separates the guys and Galindo throws a right hand that seems to rock Seang. The fight ends in the clinch on the cage. 10-9 Galindo, but WHAT a fight! Judges see it the same, unanimous for Galindo.
Galindo gets on the mic and is so happy. Why? "Because I fought an opponent who is tough as SHIT!"

Jackie Bollinger vs Lethal Laura Salazar

Rd 1: Laura comes out firing. She lands a lot of shots then tosses Bollinger to the ground. It looks like Laura is looking for the sub, but she can't find it. She instead drops elbows and punches to the head and body and wins by tko!

Jonathon Santa Maria vs Fernando Garcia

Rd 1: Immediate takedown by Santa Maria. Then another slam. He has side control but stands up. Santa Maria lands a straight right on the chin that puts Garcia on roller skates. He stumbles into the cage and Santa Maria hits Garcia with a flying knee that drops him. Garcia is about done, but Cecil lets it continue, so Santa Maria finishes him off with strikes.  Santa Maria's fans go bananas.

Matt Lagler vs Ray Sloan

Rd 1: Sloan is just too much with his punches and knees at the start of the fight. Lagler is visibly frustrated, as Sloan keeps smacking him around with combos and kicks. Easy round for Sloan 10-9.

Rd 2: Lagler connects with a left hook. They meet in the center and throw, but Sloan gets the better of it with a solid straight right. Sloan is doing work again, throwing punch / kick combos. Lagler not circling in any of these exchanges, allowing Sloan to walk him down straight into the cage and unload combinations on him. 10-9 Sloan.

Rd 3: Sloan throws a kick and slips and Lagler dives into his guard. Sloan works an omoplata, allowing him to take Laglers back and punch from there. They stand back up and Lagler is landing single punches at a time, but he IS connecting. It's still not enough, as Lagler takes the round. 30-27 Lagler.

Mike Segura vs Coby O'Neal

Rd 1: Mike Segura is making his pro debut here. They both come out firing and landing. Segura then lands a beautiful hook and O'neal goes completely limp. He hits the canvas and wakes up and comes back. They mix it up some more. After Segura drops him 3 more times, they towel is thrown in. Impressive debut from Segura.

Chris Taco vs Marko Damiani

Rd:  Taco comes out and swarms the current Blackhouse striking coach. Damiani can't get his bearings as Taco is all over him on the ground. He unleashes an unmerciful GNP that stops the fight in :44 seconds. I'd say it's an impressive debut for the recently turned 18 year old.

AJ Culpepper vs Ron Henderson
Rd 1: Henderson gets on Culpepper's back and gets a standing rnc. It was fast and it was nasty!

Leonard Smith vs Manny Murrillo

Rd 1:  Leonard lands a glancing blow to Murrillo's head, but gets taken down. Murrillo works short elbows and takes Smith's back. He hits the back of the head and Cecil stands them back up. Smith lands punches again and Murillo wants it on the ground. Smith goes for the takedown but Murrillo holds the cage. Cecil takes a point. 9-9

Rd 2: Smith lands an uppercut and drops Murrillo. He goes in for the kill but gets his back taken in the scramble. Murrillo spends most of the round on Smiths back landing punches.  10-9 Murrillo.

Rd 3: They both come out throwing punches and Smith gets clipped. He's on wobbly legs and Manny capitalizes and gets the tko :13 seconds in.

Dashon Johnson vs Jordan Delano

Rd 1: Dashon hits Delano with a STIFF jab and then a nice combo. Delano is game and rushes Dashon, who reverses him and gets the the takedown. He hits the rnc and Delano taps.

Raja Shippen vs Chris Stanfield

Rd: Raja throwing head kicks and punches. He grabs a hold of Stanfield and slams him, then goes straight to mount. He transitions to Stanfield's back and gets the rnc.

Luke Adams vs Daniel Cumpian

Rd 1: Head Kick by Adams then a solid hook. Cumpian sees red and bull rushes Adams, who uses good hips to get Cumpian on the ground. Adams then proceeds, from full guard, to crab crawl Cumpian, who he is wearing like a Baby Bjorn around the cage. Sorry, I can't explain it any better than that. Eventually Adams breaks free of Cumpian's grip and takes his back and lands unanswered punches. He gets the tko half way through the round.

Deondre Gibbs vs Sergio Anaya

Rd 1: After 2 spinning back kicks that land. Anaya opens up with strikes as Gibbs falls to the mat. Anaya pounces and Cecil Peoples stops the fight.  Dominating and overwhelming performance by Anaya.

Ty Freeman vs Paul Keller

Rd 1: They charge each other and Freeman lands a left to the jaw, dropping Keller. Freeman mounts him and takes his back where he sinks in the rnc.

Angel Cruz vs Phelan Fleming

Rd 1: Great footwork being shown by Cruz. He's being technical with his strikes and Fleming wants to brawl. Cruz gets a takedown and throws punches from the back but hits in the Mohawk area. Cecil stands them up and warns Cruz for strikes to the back of the head. They restart and Cruz gets a takedown and takes Fleming's back again. This time landing all legal strikes, forcing Cecil to call the fight.

That, as they say folks, is a wrap! See you on May 17th!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

XFS  AGGRESSION  1/18/2014

Jeremy Redfern vs Chuck Kennedy
205 AMATEUR title fight

Rd 1: Redfern looks for the takedown and gets it after a minute of pressing Kennedy into the fence. He works for the kimura and hits it. New champ, Jeremy Redfern.

Mike Segura vs Tony Martinez
155 AMATEUR title fight

Rd 1: Martinez starts the round with leg kicks and teeps. He lands a punch that drops Segura, who recovers right away. They get back up and Martinez hits a huge takedown, which Segura rolls into a reversal and works a triangle choke until the round ends. 10-9 Martinez

Rd 2: Leg kicks and punches again from Martinez, who then gets a takedown. Again, Segura works off his back and tries another triangle. It's tight, but he switches to armbar and forces the tap. Mike Segura is the new 155 ammy champ.


Greg Guzman vs AJ Culpepper

Rd 1: Guzman comes out and throws 2 headkicks that land and then an overhand right. He gets the slam takedown and goes straight to mount. He tries for the armbar, but can't get it. He gets mount again and Culpepper gives up his back and Guzman sinks the rear naked choke in.

Misha Nassiri vs Jackie Bollinger
Rd 1: Meisha absolutely swarms Bollinger. Punches and kicks go unanswered and the fight is stopped in 20 seconds.

Ricky Calatayud vs Deondre Gibbs
Rd 1: Ricky gets a big slam right off the bat and then goes into full mount.  The punches come non stop and the ref has no choice but to stop the fight.

Matt Sayles vs Chris Floyd
There is a little back and forth striking between Sayles and Floyd. Sayles gets a hold of Floyd and fireman carries him, then slams him in his own corner. Floyd has a guillotine but Sayles doesn't seem to feel threatened. Sayles pops his head out and Floyd tries to get away. While on all 4's Sayles kicks the body of Floyd twice and pummels him on the cage. Floyd is really hurt and the ref runs in and saves Floyd from further punishment.

135 Title Fight
Raja Shippen vs Fernando Garcia

Rd 1: Raja does what Raja always does. He comes out kicking really hard.  He throws a huge headkick that connects, but he slips as it lands. Garcia doesn't get the full power since Raja fell. Right away he puts Raja in a headlock. Raja gets out and gets a slam, then takes Garcia's back. Now on an 8 fight win streak, Raja has finished all of those opponents.

Brandon Anderson vs Chris Stanfield

Rd 1: Stanfield works the standing guillotine, but Anderson drags him to the ground and gets out. He makes his way to full mount and Anderson gives up his back. He gets choked with a rnc and Anderson wins in 1:01 in rd 1.

Jimmy Marquez vs Ron Henderson
Rd 1: Marquez comes out firing leg kicks and Henderson does not like it.  Henderson looks for the takedown and it takes a while to get it. Once he does, he works for subs but Marquez is too crafty on the ground. They get up and Marquez lands punches. Johnson gets another takedown and the round ends.
10-9 Henderson

Rd 2: Marquez wants to bang but Henderson wants to grapple. Henderson gets another takedown and finally gets the back of Marquez. Henderson pins his left arm, and unloads heavy punches on him. Marquez once again gets out and the round ends with Henderson on Marquez' back. 10-9 Henderson

Rd 3: Once again, Henderson goes for the takedown and gets it. Marquez reverses him and the crowd goes nuts. It swings back to Henderson, who gets the dominant position again as the fight ends. 10-9 Henderson.
Winner by UD Ron Henderson

Kenny Wyckoff vs Ira Daniels

Rd 1: Fists fly right away. Wyckoff gets the takedown. They get up and Wyckoff gets another td. He gets full mount, but reversed. During the reversal Wyckoff gets an armbar. It isn't sunk in fully and Daniels winds up on top and drops bombs. Ref takes away a point from Daniels for apparently grabbing the fence during one of the early takedowns. 10-8 Wyckoff

Rd 2: Wyckoff is rag dolling Daniels. Wyckoff works for a rnc but can't sink it. He gets full mount and reversed again. Back and forth round, but Daniels just can not stop the Wyckoff takedown. 10-9 Wyckoff

Rd 3: The takedowns continue. Wyckoff isn't interested in trading hands with Daniels and just just keeps going for takedowns. Again, he gets mount and again, he goes for the armbar. Daniels defends well and Wycoff retains mount. He drops punches and elbows to end the fight. 10-9 Wycoff for the sweep.

Winner by UD Kenny Wykoff

Arian Sharifi vs Phelan Fleming 
Rd 1: Arian comes out unloading leg kicks and Fleming is visibly bothered by them. Fleming throws a head kick and Arian ducks under and gets the takedown. He pounds away from full mount and then transitions to the armbar as Fleming taps.

155 Title Fight
Dashon Johnson vs Ray Carter

Rd 1: Dashon takes a leg kick and gets an immediate takedown. He throws some heavy punches to Carter's body. Johnson slaps on the d'arce choke and forces the tap at just :34 seconds. Flyboy fans go berserk and Dashon now holds the 145 and 155 lb titles.

Luke Adams vs Ed Darby
Rd 1: They meet in the middle of the cage and begin to swing away. Darby swarms but gets taken down and mounted. He gets beaten on and the ref stops it due to strikes.

Saul Galindo vs Adam Morgan
Rd 1: Galindo comes right out and throws a viscous head/body kick.  My parents may have heard it in Del Mar. Morgan goes for the takedown and really works for it. Galindo then gets a monster slam. Crowd goes bananas. Then Galindo unleashed thunderous punches on Morgan. The entire crowd feels it. Refs jumps in and Morgan is destroyed.  Beautiful violence.

Emery Langley vs Paul Keller
Rd 1: The guys come out brawling and Keller lands a bomb and drops Langley. He starts landing strikes to Keller who is in big trouble. He regains his composure and lands a nice upkick, then stands back up. Keller  goes to throw Langley, but Langley lands on top of Keller in mount proceeds to land his own punches. The fight gets stopped by the ref via strikes.

185 Title Fight
Daniel Hernandez vs Richard Sansoucie
Rd 1: The guys swing away and then a scramble on the ground ensues. Hernandez winds up taking Sansoucie's back and sinks in a slick palm to palm rnc and forced the tap. Hernandez looked extremely impressive. New 185 champ, Daniel Hernandez

Ty Freeman vs James Atherton
Rd 1: Freeman lands a left right combo that shockingly doesn't drop Atherton. But, Freeman gets a big takedown and can't complete the armbar. They stand up and Freeman drops for the guillotine and gets it, forcing the tap.

205 Title Fight
Oscar Kush vs Leonard Smith Jr
Rd 1: They square up and Leonard punches Kush, dropping him immediately. He pounces with hammerfists as the ref jumps in to stop the fight at only :09 seconds. Kush is devastated, but his HUGE fan following cheered his name in loving support.  Still lhw champ, Leonard Smith Jr.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

XFS Creation 9/21/2013

Alfredo Perez vs Vinny Rodriguez
Rd 1:  Perez gets a big slam and looks to work gnp on the undefeated Rodriguez. Perez gets full mount but gets reversed. From his back he works a triangle. It's tight but Rodriguez is fine and lands punches while in the triangle.
Rd 2: Perez tries for a takedown but Rodriguez counters with a guillotine. He transitions to a kimura and finishes with a modified kimura/shoulder lock.

Steve Orosco vs Jordan Delano
Rd 1: There is a brief feeling out process and Orosco gets the takedown. Orosco lands some body shots and they get back up. Orosco lands a brutal leg kick and pops Delano's knee out. The fight ends by tko.

Ed Darby vs Raphael Davis
Rd 1: Darby  and Davis come out swinging. Darby seems to be landing the cleaner shots. Davis picks him up and slams Darby. Davis punishes Darby on the ground for the rest of the round with punches and big knees to the body.
Rd 2: They come out swinging but Davis looks like he is done with the ground game. He nails Darby with a big straight right that drops him. Darby covers up and after a few follow up punches, Davis eases up when he sees Darby is done. Darby's left eye is totally shut. 2nd rd tko for the Bellator vet, Davis. 

Kiko Lopez vs Jimmy Marquez

Rd 1: Kiko works the legs of Marquez with nasty kicks. Marquez fires back. Both guys throwing to kill each other. Kiko gets a takedown and gnp's Marquez. Cecil People stops it with seconds left in the round.

Jason Manly vs Chris Stanfield
Rd 1: Manly comes out and gets a quick takedown. He gets Stansfield's back but can't get  the choke.  He transitions to a modified armbar and gets the tap.

Ben Khoshaba vs Dominique Chisem
Rd 1: The welterweight title is on the line here.  Chisem gets slammed twice and Khoshaba gets his GNP going. He eventually gets mount and looks close to finishing. Chisem gets free and they are standing again. Chisem drops Khoshaba. He follows him to the ground but gets mounted again. The round end with Khoshaba punching from top. 10-9 Khoshaba.

Rd 2: more of the same.  Khoshaba in mount landing elbows. He's totally outclassing Chisem on the ground. Almost a 10-8 round. But, 10-9 Khoshaba.

Rd 3: Chisem winning on the feet but decides to go for a takedown and gets stuffed. Khoshaba in mount again and opens up a huge cut on Chisem. He pummels Chisem in his own corner and finishes Chisem by rnc. Winner is Ben Khoshaba. Fantastic fights.

James Davenport vs David Salas
Rd 1: David Salas gets a quick takedown and rnc's Davenport in :39 seconds.

Sam Toomer vs Askari Robinson
Rd 1: Super Sam wasted no time throwing leather.  He came out and threw everything at Robinson and connected with everything too. Towels came flying in from Robinson's corner, as they had seen enough. Impressive victory from Super Sam It's not a Toomer.

Joe Bahjas vs Leonte King

Rd 1: Bahjas hits a quick takedown and goes for a guillotine. He gets the tap at :51 in the 1st rd.

Raja Shippen vs Keanu Flemming
Rd 1: Raja leg kicks and then goes high with a straight kick, rocking Flemming. They go to the ground and Raja lands loud thudding body shots. Raja backs off and Cecil Peoples decides Flemming can no longer continue. Tko in rd 1 for Raja.

Ryan Bixler vs Donnis Reed
Rd 1: The guys come out and Bixler lands a solid jab that knocks Reed back. Bixler gets a nice throw on Reed . Bixler is in the guard throwing punches and elbows. Reed tries for an armbar but can't hit it. 10-9 Bixler.

Rd 2:  Reed comes out landing some nice combos, but Bixler gets another takedown. Bixler maintains ground control. Reed is able to get up but gets slammed again. 10-9 Bixler.

Rd 3: Reed blasts away at Bixler and knocks him back to the cage. Bixler fires back.  Reed is better standing but Bixler has the advantage in control on the mat. He gets his 3 rd takedown and punishes Reed on the ground. 10-9 Bixler. The judges see it the same. 30-27 on all cards for Bixler.

Daniel Cumpian vs Fabian Diaz
Rd 1: After a brief exchange Diaz gets a takedown. There is a submission open but Diaz opts against it. He decides to pound away and Cecil Peoples stops it in :39 seconds

Arian Sharifi vs Thomas Garrison
Rd 1: Arian uses his Reign Training Muay Thai and then gets the double leg. He pounds away with strikes and Garrison taps at :50.

Garrick Evans vs Prince Edwards

Rd 1: BIG takedown by Evans. Evans was having a hard time with Prince's strength, but he maintained control on the ground. Garrick finishes the round landing punches from the back.

Rd 2: These guys are both beasts in stature. Prince gets a takedown but he is not as well versed on the ground and gets rnc'd by Evans.

Oscar Kush vs Tommy Burks
Rd 1: This fight is just a brawl! Frye vs Takayama style. It ends when Oscar gets Burks' back and lands unanswered punches and Cecil has to call the fight.

Coby Hollier vs D'ondre Gibbs
Rd 1: Hollier quickly gets full mount and ends the fight via strikes from mount.

Kyle Bolt vs Coby O'Neal
Rd 1: Kyle Bolt sends O'Neal crashing to the mat with the KO in :08 secs.

Brady Harrison vs Dashon Johnson
This fight is for the 145 title.
Rd 1: Unexpectedly, the boxer Dashon Johnson throws Brady Harrison who quickly scrambles. Johnson lands a 1-2 combo and follows it up with a takedown. Harrison is active the entire time with elbows from the bottom and submission attempts. This fight is back and forth. Give and take. I'd give the edge to Johnson though. 10-9 Flyboy

Rd 2: Brady can't stop the takedowns. He gets the reverse and rides Johnson's back for the rest of the round punching and working rnc's. 10-9 Harrison

Rd 3: Whoever wins this round wins the fight. Good exchange on the feet until Johnson hits a monster slam. Harrison gets back up and controls the clinch. The back and forth continues. It's anyone's fight still. Dashon seals the deal with a huge slam in the last :30 seconds. 10-9 Johnson. Judges saw it the same. The winner and new champion, Dashon Johnson.

Ty Freeman vs Phelan Flemming
Rd 1: Brutal gnp by freeman rendering Fleming unconscious.

Matt Frembling vs Kadillac Marshbanks
Rd 1: Frembling gets a great throw takedown and lands in side control. From there he drops punches and elbows. They get back to their feet. Frembling pins Kadillac against the cage and unloads with knees. Kadillac waits for another knee and times it perfectly for a takedown.

Rd 2: Kadillac goes for a throw but winds up under Frembling eating punches. Both guys look tired and work from the clinch. Can't pick a winner in this round.

Rd 3: Kadillac gets the early takedown. Frembling looks exhausted, while Kadillac is still throwing with bad intentions. Frembling gets his back and works the rnc but Kadillac seems ok. He works a kimura on Frembling but can't seal it. Close fight. 29-28 and still Heavyweight champion, Matt Frembling

Ray Sloan vs Brian Stevens
Rd 1: The usually BJJ savvy Sloan decides to just stand and bang with his opponent and earns a 1st round tko.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

** Disclaimer ** There is a good chance some of the combatants names are spelled incorrectly. Please let us know and we will correct it asap.

XAFS Aftermath July 20, 2013

Vinny Kilgore > Derrick Frache (SD)
Danny Avilla > Andres Garcia (RNC)
Ben Roberts < Sebastian Corrivabus (UD)
Jose Appricio > Marvin Garcia (UD)
Chris Padilla > Tony Martinez (TKO Rd 1)
Mike Segura < Anthony Deangles (UD)
Justin White < Chico Martinez (Inverted armbar Rd 3)
Shanon McKenzie < Chris Kirk (TKO Rd 2)*C*
Bruno Machado > Nick Ibis (UD)*C*

XFS Aftermath July 20, 2013

Chris Stanfield vs Chris Beeby
Rd 1: Beeby lands a knee that drops Stanfield and finishes Stanfield off with elbows. Beeby gets the tko in Rd 1

Adam Gottleib vs Andrew Lazo
Rd 1: And they are off!  Back and forth war going on and Lazo drops Gottleib. He was unconscious, woke up, and got a takedown.  They scramble a bit and Gottleib got full mount and dropped 50 unanswered bombs, but Lazo covered well.
Rd 2: Trading punches and Lazo staggers Gottleib again! Gottleib goes after the takedown and gets it. He throws punches from the top and eats an occasional upkick from Lazo. His GnP was too much for Lazo and Gottleib gets a 2nd round tko.

Donnis Reed vs Deandre Gibbs
Rd 1: Both guys come out swinging in the center of the cage. Gibbs winds up on his back with Reed landing elbows and punches. Cecil Peoples stands them up and gives Reed a warning for strikes to the back of the head. They engage again and Gibbs winds up on his back once more. This time, clean shots land and Cecil Peoples calls a halt to the fight at 1:17 of rd 1.

Ty Freeman vs Thomas Garrison
Rd 1: Freeman lands a very stiff jab that puts Garrison on his heels. Freeman then gets the takedown and full mount. Freeman gets a 1st rd tko in :25 seconds.

Ramon Hernandez vs Steve Kozola
Rd 1: Kozola gets taken down right away but fights it off. They battle for position and Kozola tries a standing guillotine. Hernandez fights it off and gets the takedown. The round ends with a grappling positional battle.
Rd:2 Steve tries to land strikes, but Hernandez wants this fight on the mat. He gets a quick takedown and got side control. Kozola sweeps Hernandez, they stand, and Kozala drops to his butt while squeezing a guillotine. He forces the tap from Hernandez.

Steve Orosco vs Coby O'Neil
Rd 1: Orosco tried out muscling O'Neil, but O'Neil wasn't going to go down easily. O'Neil's stubbornness wasn't enough and Orosco gets the RNC.

Zac Savage vs Justin Carr
Rd 1: Justin Carr came out swinging! Savage quickly got him down, got mount, slapped on a triangle, and then rolled him over and really tightened the triangle. The tap came at :59 seconds of rd 1. Fantastic technique from Mr Savage.

Dashon Johnson vs Kenny Kilgore
Rd 1: Dashon starts the fight very patiently. He lands 1 nasty jab and Kilgore doesn't like it. Kilgore initiates the clinch. They separate and Johnson lands another big jab and a takedown. There is a brief pause in the action for Cecil Peoples to warn Dashon about strikes to the back of the head. It starts up again and Dashon takes Kenny's back. The bout is ended after Johnson lands brutal body shots to Kilgore's ribs.

Paul Karsky vs Gino Guidi
Rd 1: Tall Paul lands a Superman punch and then gets a takedown. He gets Gino's back and flattens him out.  Tall Paul rains down punches and Cecil Peoples stops the fight.

Ryan Bixler vs Kenny Wykoft
R1: Wykoft begins the round being the aggressor and hitting leg kicks. After about 2 minutes, Bixler begins finding his range. He lands hard punches and drops Wykoft with a knee. Cecil stops the fight with 3 seconds left in the 1st round.

Bull Nelson vs Phelan Fleming
Rd 1: Bull Nelson won by tapout in rd 1 after a brawl between the 2 fighters.

Brandon Maynard vs Steve Yavo
Rd 1: Yavo brought some karate with him in the cage. Maynard shot in while Yavo sprawled hard and Maynard looked like he dislocated his ankle. Great EMT work though. She popped it back in, Maynard sort of proposed to his girlfriend, she kissed him, and we were on to our next fight.

Raja Shippen vs Teywan Hill
Rd 1: Hill throws a straight kick and Shippen retaliates with a hard knee to the body of Hill. Raja gets a body lock and drags Hill to the ground. The Muay Thai coach from Reign Training Center secures a rear naked choke on Hill.

Derek Anderson vs Craig Flynn
Rd 1: Derek Anderson goes out and unleashes a barrage of kicks and punches that tko's Flynn in 14 seconds.

Will Richey vs Bobby Brown
Rd 1: Richey tosses Brown with a huge hip toss. Richey controls the ground and starts teeing off on Brown, who taps to strikes.

Ray Sloan vs Ed Darby
Rd 1: Sloan slips a punch and gets the biggest slam of the night. Darby tries to power out and almost sweeps Sloan. However Sloan has a slick BJJ game and hits a beautiful armbar. Darby taps out.

Chris Bruno vs Keanu Fleming
Rd 1: Chris Bruno gets an immediate takedown and quickly gets a rear naked choke, forcing the tap from Fleming.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Los Angeles, Pomona, Las Vegas and Arizona next week. Things have gotten very interesting! Here is the schedule for the next Four months with XFS and Collateral Damage MMA

June 21 - Summer Fight Nights at 29 Palms
July 19 - XFS Muay Thai
July 20 - XFS Aftermath
July - August Collateral Damage MMA Edition III
August- Xplode Jiu Jitsu Gi Tournament
September 21 - XFS in Valley Center
September 28 - XFS @ Ak-Chin Harrahs/Ultrastar Maricopa AZ

Please keep checking the websites and FB pages for a few more announcements in June!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

XFS Devastation 5/18/13
Pro card

1. Chuck Seang vs Kenny Kilgore
Rd 1:  After a short start on the feet, Seang gets the takedown and mounts Kilgore. Seang throws punches from the top, forcing Kilgore to give up his back. Seang doesn't look for the choke and decides to punish Kilgore instead. Kilgore hangs in there, but referee Cecil Peoples sees too many punches land and stops the fight.

2. Kyle Bolt vs Ed Darby
Rd 1:  Kyle Bolt runs out of the corner and tries a flying knee but misses. Then he tries a head kick, but misses. Everything he's throwing is with bad intentions. He does a leaping takedown and spears Darby. Once it hits the ground, Bolt rains down punches causing Cecil Peoples to call the fight.

3. Chris Sandt vs Shawn Davis
Rd 1: Shawn Davis throws a bomb at Chris Sandt who slips it and gets a powerful takedown. As soon as it hits the ground, Sandt rolls for the heel hook and gets it! The fight ends in :22 and Davis looks devastated.

4. Raja Shippen vs Micheal Watson
Rd 1: Raja is the Muay Thai coach at Reign Training Center. The bell rings and he throws a head kick that crushes Micheal Watson. It's over in less than 10 seconds. Watson is ok after the ko.

5. Ryle Stous vs OzzyVan Dyke
Rd 1: Van Dyke is making his pro debut here. He starts by throwing combos at Stous, who is countering with leg kicks. Stous shoots in and gets the takedown. He pulls off a kimura and forces Van Dyke to tap, as his corner simultaneously throws in the towel.

6. Paul Blancafor vs Julian Hernandez
Rd 1: Blancafor throws combos up top and leg kicks down low. When Hernadez covers up, Blancafor shoots in and gets the double leg takedown. It hits the mat and Blancafor unloads on Hernandez, prompting Cecil Peoples to call the fight.

7. Mikey Gomez vs David Johnson
Rd 1: Gomez gets the takedown and tries to work out of the Johnson guillotine.  As soon as he gets out he drags Johnson to his corner and gets an arm triangle.  Johnson refuses to tap and goes to sleep. Mikey Gomez wins via arm triangle.

8. Ben Khosaba vs Alain Gonzalez
Rd 1: Ben immediately looks for the takedown, but Alain defends well. His persistence pays off and he gets the takedown. Gonzalez tries for a kneebar, but to no avail. He gets up, but Khosaba takes him down again. As Gonzalez looks for another kneebar, Khosaba lands punches from the top as the round ends. 10-9 Khosaba.

Rd 2: Khosaba starts with a monster takedown but lands in an inverted triangle. He gets out and drops elbows and punches from side control. He throws a 12-6 elbow and gets warned by Cecil. The action resumes and Ben gets another takedown. He throws punches while Gonzalez attacks off of his back with armbar attempts. 10-9 Khosaba

Rd 3: They trade punches and leg kicks until Khosaba goes for another takedown and gets it. There is a lot of battling for wrist control and Cecil stands them up. Gonzalez unloads on Khosaba with everything he has and rocks Him. Ben gets another takedown and the fight ends with Gonzalez throwing punches on the ground. 10-9 Gonzalez
29-28 Khosaba. Judges agree. Great fight between both guys.

9. Andy Murad vs Justin Carr
Rd 1: Murad enters the cage with an amazing mustache and a huge fan base! Carr throws a haymaker that misses and Murad gets a takedown. He gets the reverse triangle locked up and goes 6-0 in his MMA career as Carr taps.

10. Josh Ellison vs Dominique Chisem
Rd 1: Chisem is pacing before the bell rings and looks ready to go. The fight starts and he leg kicks and punches Ellison at will. A leg kick spins Ellison around and Chisem lands a walk off home run ko punch on Ellison.

11. Ruben Salazar vs Elijiah Spriggs
Rd 1:  Ruben immediately gets the slam on Spriggs and gets full mount. He landed vicious ground and pound on Spriggs, who taps as Cecil Peoples stops the fight.

12. Shane Kruchten vs Joey Apodaca
Rd 1. Krutchen sprints through an Apodaca leg kick before getting the takedown and taking full mount. He gets the arm triangle on Apodaca who may have separated his shoulder after Kruchten choked him unconscious.

13. Kiko Lopez vs Alfredo Perez
Rd 1. Perez gets taken down by Lopez, out grappled, and punched on the ground. Lopez landed a 12-6 elbow and Cecil takes a point away. Lopez is not happy about it and immediately gets a violent slam on Perez and then hammers him with punches. 9-9 round

Rd 2. After getting another takedown, Lopez gets a guillotine against the cage and Perez is forced to tap early in the round.

14. Herman Terrado vs Jordan Delano
Rd 1: The Strikeforce veteran Herman Terrado winds up on the mat with Delano in about 10 seconds. He lands a barrage of punches and Delano taps to strikes. That's Terrado's second violent XFS finish in a row.

15. Will Richey vs David Smith
Rd 1: Richey goes for a double leg and slams Smith into the cage, moving it about 6 inches. After he gets the takedown, he gets Smith's back and unloads punches. Cecil People's puts a stop to the fight and Richey wins by tko.

16. Sean Najjer vs Deondre Gibbs
Rd 1: Najjer gets the takedown in a few seconds and is immediately in side control. He transitions to a North/ South choke and gets Gibbs to tap.

17. Dashon Johnson vs Randall Adams
Rd 1: Adams controls the 1st minute or so with a takedown, but Dashon is never in any real trouble. When Johnson regains control he unloads a schoolyard beating on Adams, who shows great toughness. When it goes to the ground, Johnson deals out more punishment and Adams taps to strikes in just under 2 minutes.

18. Adam Gottlieb vs Adrian Lozano
Rd 1: Gottlieb takes Lozano down, but Lozano is working a guillotine. Adam gets out after fighting off a few armbar attempts by Lozano.  His ground and pound leads to Lozano giving up his back. Gottlieb gets the rear naked choke and forces the tap from Lozano.

19. Beau King vs Tyrin Townsend
Rd 1: After avoiding a leg kick from Townsend, King lands a flurry against the cage and Cecil has to run in to save Townsend. Afterwards, Townsend gets on the mic after his MMA debut and says 'He (King) knocked the donkey shit out of me'. The crowd erupts in laughter and I am now a fan of a fighter named Tyrin Townsend.

20. Phelan Flemming vs Leonard Smith Jr. *Title bout*
Rd 1: Quick takedown by Leonard Smith Jr, who gets the mount. He throws a lot of punches that connect to Flemming's face. When Flemming turns to his side, Smith punishes his ribs and Flemming taps.

21. Bubba Pugh vs Ricky Pulu
Rd 1. Ricky starts the round firing off punches at Bubba. They clinch and Bubba lands in side control. He connects with brutal shots to the face and body. Bubba takes his foot off the gas because he can see Pulu is injured. Great show of class by Bubba and heart by Pulu.

22. Ray Elizalde vs Atiq Jihad
Rd 1: The crowd is going bananas before the fight begins. Huge support groups for both guys. The bell rings and the 2 go to war. It's a slugfest! Both guys are connecting. Ray takes the round after securing 2 takedowns and outgrappling Jihad. 10-9 Elizalde

Rd 2: Atiq is looking a little tired and Elizalde takes advantage by taking him down. Atiq is doing a good job of defending but isn't offering much off of his back. After bullying him on the ground Ray lets up for a second and Atiq gets up, but is immediately dragged back down. The last 10 seconds they are on their feet and swing for the fences. 10-9 Elizalde.

Rd 3: Atiq looks invigorated and is getting the better of the standup. However, he is having a hard time stopping Ray's takedowns and this is how Ray is wearing him down. Atiq gets back up, but is again taken right back down. Ray is content fighting on the mat. Atiq has heart and won't go away, but Ray is out grappling him all over the cage. Cecil stands them up and Atiq goes right after him throwing punches. Ray initiates the clinch again and the fight ends. Great fight! 10-9 Elizalde
30-27 for Elizalde. Judges agree.

Written by: Evan Shoman @shomanart
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

XFS: Revancha Results March 16, 2013

XFS: Revancha March 16, 2013

Ray McCreary vs Ray Elizalde
Rd 1- Both guys come out banging in a back and forth affair. I gave Elizalde round 1 but he looked tired going into round 2. Towards the end of round 1 Mccreary looked to be gaining steam.
Rd 2- Both came out banging again. Elizalde got a takedown but McCreary wound up in full mount. McCreary locked in the armbar and forced Elizalde to tap 1:10 into round 2.

Raja Shippen vs Anthony Moore
Rd 1- Shippen gets an early takedown and flattens Moore out immediately. He slaps on the rear naked choke and finishes Moore in :30 secs

Ben Khoshaba vs Ramon Hernandez
Rd 1- Khoshaba gets a quick takedown. After a wild scramble Khoshaba gets Hernandez’s back and drops heavy elbows and punches. Referee Cecil Peoples stops the bout via tko at 1:57 of  rd1.

Derek Anderson vs Jeremy Sellers
Rd 1- Before the bell even rings Anderson looks ready to throw down! He comes out throwing everything he has at Sellers. Sellers clinches Anderson who reverses him on the cage. Again Anderson throws everything ay Sellers who just will not go away. Sellers eats head kicks and spinning back fists. Round 1 ends and both guys looks tired with Anderson easily taking the round.
Rd 2- Anderson again is very aggressive and landing flying knees and punches. He tosses sellers to the mat and ends up in full mount. He gets the armbar locked up and Sellers is forced to tap.

Dominique Chisem vs George Sanchez
Rd 1- Dominique comes out to Harlem Shake so immediately he is the favorite. Chisem came with something thunderous and then followed up with strikes to the already unconscious Sanchez.  I would say what exactly he hit Sanchez with, but myself and every other person around me looked away to see what some commotion in the crowd was at that exact moment.

Zac Savage vs Sultan Ahmed
Rd 1- Both guys come out exchanging brutal leg and body kicks.  Zac got Ahmed down then quickly got full mount. Zac went for the armbar but couldn't finish it. He then transitioned to a triangle. They flipped over and Zac finished the fight from the mounted triangle position with punches at 2:00 in rd 1.

Dondre Gibbs vs Sam Toomer
Rd 1- Toomer gets the takedown immediately and rains down punches and elbows on Gibbs. As Cecil peoples stops the fight Gibbs’ corner simultaneously throws in the towel.

Cole Thomas vs Ray Sloan
Rd 1- Sloan comes out the favorite with the fans but it doesn't seem to bother Thomas who is bouncing around making faces and taunting Sloan. Sloan gets him down and works a rear naked choke but can't finish Thomas. He transitions to a heel hook but can't pull it off as the bell ends round 1.
Rd 2- Thomas lands a huge punch and knocks Sloan’s mouth guard out. Sloan gets the fight to the mat then guillotines Thomas.

Mikey Gomez vs Ed Darby
Rd 1- Gomez comes out like a house on fire. He gets the takedown and immediately mounts Darby. In less than a minute Gomez armbars Darby who taps out.

Chris Brown vs Josh Gibson
Rd 1- Josh Gibson runs out of his corner throwing haymakers but gets taken down. Brown takes Gibson’s back and is about to sink in the rear naked choke but decides he doesn't want it.  Instead he chooses to pound away and Gibson taps to strikes.

Herman Terrado vs Joey Apodaca
Rd1- Herman Terrado connected with a flurry and ended the fight in 3 seconds against Apodaca.

Dashon Johnson vs Kenny Johnson
Rd1- Dashon throws a hard straight right then gets the takedown on Kenny. Hard to tell from where I was sitting but he either finished the fight with a reverse choke or North/South choke. Either way, Kenny Johnson tapped from a choke 1:31 in rd 1

Pete Munoz vs Armando Contreras
Rd 1- They stood for a short time with Munoz throwing haymakers and Contreras using technical strikes.  Munoz got taken down and outclassed on the ground. He received a warning for grabbing the fence and then did it again, forcing Cecil Peoples to deduct 1 point from Munoz. Munoz got battered with punches but hung on until the end of the round.
Rd 2- Contreras got another takedown and worked for a Kimura which forced the tap from Munoz.

Eugene Lawson vs Wade Shipp
Rd 1- The UFC veteran Wade Shipp came out and blasted Lawson with a leg kick louder than a Rampage slam. They clinched and Shipp took Lawson down directly into full mount. Before Shipp got to throw a punch, Lawson tapped.

Will Richey  vs Ken Moore
Rd 1- Will Richey hit a straight kick to the gut of Ken Moore. He followed up with multiple knees to the head ended the fight with punches In 15 seconds. It wasn’t all bad for Ken Moore. He got down on 1 knee and proposed to his girl and she said ‘yes’!

Rob Morrison vs Coby Hollier
Rd 1- Very close 1st round between these two 125’ers.  I gave it to Morrison because after an even standup exchange he got the takedown which Coby reversed, but landed right in a triangle that he survived.
Rd 2 More ground scrambles with Morrison again getting mount. Rd 2 was easier to pick a winner as Morrison had good position most of the time and dropped nasty elbows and punches.
Rd 3- Morrison just had too strong of wrestling for Coby and controlled Coby throughout the 3rd.  This was a very good fight which saw Rob Morrison win the unanimous decision.

Bobby Brown vs Matt Frembling (Title Bout)
Rd 1- Matt Frembling ko'd Brown in 14 seconds after connecting right on the chin with a flurry of punches. Brown was out for a few minutes and was stretchered out for precautionary measures.

Matt Lagler vs Casey Ryan
Rd 1- Casey Ryan seemed to be initiating the clinch and was working some good Muay Thai from there.  Ryan was punishing the head and body of Lagler with knees.  Lagler got the takedown but Ryan got back up and they clinched up again.  Lagler takes a knee to the jewels and needed almost the whole 5 minutes to recover. It was accidental but Cecil Peoples took a point away from Ryan.  The action starts again and it's a firefight. Lagler gets the takedown and works from the top. Ryan reverses and finishes the round on top dropping bombs. The crowd was going nuts!
Rd 2- Ryan is now in total control and putting a beating on Lagler against the fence.  Ryan drags Lagler down, takes his back, and flattens him out. Ryan goes for the choke then switches back to punches. Lagler is flat on his stomach taking punches not defending himself so Cecil Peoples has to stop the fight.  Lagler immediately protested the stoppage.

Written by: Evan Shoman
Twitter: @shomanart @xfsverified @greggxfs